Carla M. from South Carolina.

Kitchen Hack 101: How To Store Smoked Ham

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OK, so you’ve been to your local Zaycon Fresh delivery event, been charmed by a… well… charming Zaycon employee who helped load your order of delectable eats right into your car for you, and now you’re back at home and wondering…

“Hey, what’s the very best way to store Zaycon Fresh Old Fashioned Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham, anyway?”

OK, so you probably didn’t use the entire product name like that, but kudos to you if you did. Regardless, we’re still going to share a Kitchen Hack that will save you precious storage real estate. We got this idea from one of our very own customers (you folks are the source of many a fine idea!), so thanks very much to Carla M. from South Carolina.

Now the rest of you, do like Carla does, and save yourself space and time. And all you need are some good freezer bags (Ziploc style), some large binder clips (some people call ’em file clamps), and a good knife (or a meat slicer, if you want to get fancy).

Oh, and you’ll need that case of Zaycon Fresh Old Fashioned Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham. AKA…. ham. One quick note before we get started: our ham comes to you pre-cooked ready to be simply heated and served, but what some folks don’t know is that cooked meats can be frozen and preserved just like raw meat!


OK now let’s get started…


Step One: Slice your tender, tasty Applewood Smoked Ham into “steaks” of your preferred thickness.

DSC_5912 b

Step Two: Bag up those ham steaks, and feel free to put two or three in one bag, if you know a meal may call for it.

Carla M. from South Carolina. (1)

Step Three: Fold the lip of each freezer bag over a rod in your freezer’s rack and use those binder clips to secure them.

Carla M. from South Carolina.

And… that’s it! Space saved, and safely stored ham easily accessed! Feel free to add a Step Four in which you step back and admire your work, though.

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