The Top 10 Movie Moments That Are All About FOOD!

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It’s an exciting time for movie lovers everywhere! This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is set to announce the nominees for this year’s OSCAR® awards, the 88th occurrence of this august event! (Quick note of interest: did you know the Academy Awards ceremony is now officially called The Oscars? Neither did we. But now we all do. Bada-boom.)

But with the whirlwind of speculation and exhilaration surrounding all the many people contending for Best Actor in a Supporting Role to Best Original Song to Best Editing to Best Director, we got to thinking… isn’t something missing here? Would the beloved family favorite film Ratatouille be worth its salt without all the gorgeously animated scenes of cooking? We doubt Animal House would be half so memorable a romp without John Belushi’s character Bluto hollering that epic call for a “Fooooood fiiiiight!” And would Meryl Streep have had the chance for yet another Best Actress nomination for her turn as Julia Child in Julia & Julia if it weren’t for… yep, you guessed it: FOOD!

So how about it, Academy? How about an award for the Best Use of Foodstuff In a Motion Picture category?


The Academy didn’t return our phone calls and must not have gotten that nice post card we sent, so we’re assuming the new category is, officially at least, out for this year’s ceremony. But you know what? We’re going to nominate our own entrants for our (totally fabricated) Best Use of Foodstuff In a Motion Picture award, and we’re not going to stop with 2015, either! Nope… these are some of the best food movie moments of all time! (And if we left something out or you feel our rankings are off, you tell us! If we disagree… well… there’s always the Bluto response….)


  1. A Christmas Story – Ah, that classic Christmas dinner scene, complete with… the duck’s head.



  1. Annie Hall – Poor… poor lobsters. But hey, timeless humor for the rest of us!



  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory­ ­– Ah, “Pure Imagination.” From the original, of course.



  1. The Great Outdoors – John Candy proves you can overcome a food coma in this timeless classic.



  1. Ratatouille – Remy the lovable rat finally lets his culinary talents shine as he saves the soup.



  1. Napoleon Dynamite – Not just tots and 2% milk….Uncle Rico can throw a good steak!



  1. Benny and Joon – Without words, this diner lights up with an epic “dance scene”!



  1. Forrest Gump – Shrimp, so many ways!


2.  Ground Hog Day – How much would you eat if you could wake up the same as yesterday?!


  1. Lady and the Tramp – The classic kiss! It never would have happened without spaghetti.


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