Wild Argentine Red Shrimp

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The first taste of Wild Argentine Red Shrimp is, for most people, a genuine revelation.

We’ll get back to that in a moment, though.

We all know all about shrimp: it’s the salty little finger food you slather with cocktail sauce at dinner parties or BBQs, right? It comes from grocery stores in little plastic trays… right?

Well no, not exactly. The shrimp you’ve most likely been eating your whole life came from a farm where they were raised on a controlled diet and likely exposed to antibiotics, pesticides, or worse. Farm-raised shrimp tends to be so bland that, if there’s any flavor profile at all, it’s… salt.



And by the way, shrimp farms don’t just produce bland, boring shrimp: they also damage the fragile coastal habitats that countless species of animals, varieties of plants, and local human populations depend on for survival. In many regions, shrimp farms are the number one threat to mangrove forests, the coastal wetlands that provide protection against storms damage and erosion. Shrimp farms damage coastlines so badly that in time the runoff and chemical pollution they cause forces them to move on, leaving behind a ravaged eco-system. The cycle isn’t pretty, to put it simply.

All that for a tray of flavorless shrimp? We’ll pass on that. So let’s get back to that wild shrimp from earlier, shall we?

Wild Argentine Red Shrimp is, as the name suggests, caught in the waters of the South Atlantic off the Argentine coast. And also as the name suggests, this shrimp sports a vibrant red hue even prior to cooking. But the real thing to focus on here is that first word: wild!

Wild shrimp just tastes better than anything from the farm. The natural diet wild cold-water shrimp enjoy, and the lack of exposure to chemicals and pollutants, means a healthier, more robust shrimp. Wild Argentine Red Shrimp is not simply some afterthought of an appetizer or a morsel to be drenched in garlic and butter in a plateful of pasta: wild shrimp is a delicious, nutritious source of protein that’s rich in nutrients, low in fat, and a good source of iron, selenium, and other beneficial vitamins and antioxidants.

In other words, Wild Argentine Red Shrimp is a product Zaycon Fresh is proud to offer. The shrimp we bring you is processed and frozen within hours of being caught, so its flavor and nutritional value are reliably preserved. Prior to freezing, each shrimp is cleaned, deveined, and peeled, leaving only the tail section intact. This not only adds flavor while you simmer, pan fry, grill, or bake your shrimp, but also means easier dipping if you choose to use Wild Argentine Red Shrimp as an appetizer guests won’t soon forget.

Zaycon Fresh Wild Argentine Red Shrimp comes in a twenty-pound case and is delivered to you frozen, ready for long-term storage. Raw wild shrimp cooks up quickly into some of the tastiest seafood you never knew you were missing. Another reason we’re proud to offer wild shrimp? Try to find it out there at the supermarket. It’s almost like a… wild goose chase.

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