General Questions

  • How to place an order
    • To order, you must be registered and logged in to your Zaycon Fresh account. Once logged in, you will be immediately directed to our Shop by Location page. From here, simply select the event you wish to purchase from, and click the green ‘Purchase or Join Wait List’ button. This will begin the ordering process.
  • Is the Zaycon Foods website secure for orders?
    • Our website has 256-bit SSL encryption, uses an SSL certificate verified by GeoTrust and is safe and secure for orders. In fact, we secure our entire website. You can verify this by checking that the browser/url address line begins with “https://” (the “s” stands for secure). Also, during order processing, debit/credit card info is directly and securely handled by NPC, one of the largest processors in the US, and is never stored nor received on our website and database.
  • What products do you sell?
    • We focus on a small number of commonly consumed food items, such as fresh meats and other products. Our staple products are chicken, beef, turkey, pork and fish. We occasionally offer additional quality products to round out our assortment.
  • Why would someone buy from Zaycon Foods?
    • Three reasons…
      1. Quality: We only sell what we eat ourselves – high-quality, healthy food products.
      2. Price: Fresh, high-quality retail food products sold for wholesale prices.
      3. Customer Service: Exceptional service all along the way, from order to reminder to convenient, efficient pickup.
  • Do you compete with grocery stores?
    • Not at all. We have many friends and colleagues in the grocery industry and have nothing but the greatest respect for the value that grocery stores provide. Rather, we serve a different market with a unique model.
  • Is your service ideal for everyone?
    • Our service is not ideal for everyone. Because we sell product by the case, our customers must be willing to devote a certain amount of time and effort to prep and portion our products for consumption and storage.

All About Chicken

  • Is the chicken Fresh or Frozen?
    • Our chicken comes fresh directly from the farm to our sales event and has never been frozen.
  • Are the chicken breasts boneless and skinless?
    • We offer boneless, skinless chicken breasts of exceptional quality.
  • Where does the chicken originate?
    • We purchase our chicken from the highest quality farms and processors in the country. Our chicken typically originates from processing facilities in southern states.
  • Can you describe the quality of the chicken?
    • Our chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.
  • What size packages can I buy?
    • We only sell our chicken breasts by the case. Each cardboard case weighs 40 lbs and includes four separate bags of chicken breasts, which are NOT always sealed and NOT uniform in weight. The larger outer bag is sealed in the cardboard case.
  • How many cases can I purchase?
    • There is no limit on the amount of cases you may purchase. We have had individual families purchase as many as 10 cases and groups of families purchase much more.
  • How can I store the chicken?
    • Most customers use some of the chicken fresh and freeze the rest. We strongly advise prepping and portioning the chicken into the sizes your family uses before freezing.

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