Zaycon Fresh

Zaycon Fresh Premier Influencer Payments

Referral dollars are calculated on a monthly basis: from midnight of the first day of the month to midnight of the last day of the month. This includes bonuses as well.

Bonuses are based on your direct and indirect customer referrals that order and pick up their product for the first time. Every time 100 new customers order and pick up their order within your Zaycon Fresh Family, you will earn a one-time $250 bonus.

For example:

If you personally bring in 30 new customers, those would be direct customers to you. You also have 2 other Premier influencers that you referred, who each get 40 new customers (those are indirect customers to you) in a midnight to midnight cycle. That would be 110 NEW customers within your Zaycon Fresh Family.







*PI = Premier Influencer that signed up underneath you

That month you will earn $15 each for your direct customers and $5 each for your indirect customers.

$1,100 Total Monthly Earnings!

You will notice that you actually got 110 new customers total in your Zaycon Fresh Family. The additional 10 will transfer over to the next bonus block!

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