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Zaycon Fresh Premier Influencer Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we pay by check. We are close to being able to do direct deposit. Before your first payment you will be redirected to a secure site where you will fill out the necessary tax forms for payment. You will do this once.

Payments are calculated on a monthly basis: midnight of the first day of the month to midnight of the last day of the calendar month. If someone places an order for an upcoming event, taking place in a different calendar month than one they ordered in, earnings will post in the month they picked up their order.

You will be paid $15 for each customer acquisition that pays for and picks up their order.

When an Influencer that you sign up gets a new customer that pays for and picks up their order you will be $5 for each one.

Every time you or your team of referred Influencers acquire collectively acquire 100 NEW customers that have paid for and picked up their orders, you will be paid a $250 bonus. This bonus is not based on a calendar month. Whenever you or you and your team have collectively filled a block of 100 new customers, this triggers the bonus.

There are no limitations on what you can make.

When you promote your fundraiser link, you will be surprised at how many different people have charities or causes that need funding. Many times they will not have the same or equivalent skill set that you have when it comes to marketing through social media. In this instance it would be in your best interest to help them promote or to guide them with advice. Regardless, when the fundraiser gets a NEW customer that pays for and picks up their order, they will make $15 for their project and you will make $5 because you are the one that introduced them to the program.

There is one, but not in the traditional sense. Usually cookies protect the vendor. In this case the cookie protects you. If someone uses one of your links to get to Zaycon Fresh but does not sign up, that cookie will be in place for 30 days, so if they come back without using your link they will still be attached to you. The flip side is, if they come back after the 30 days and register as a customer without using your link they will not be yours. Here is where it gets good for you. If the customer registers using your link and does not buy for a long period of time, it could even be a year, you will still get credit for that sale. So in that sense there are none of the traditional cookies.

The answer is no. Once you are approved as a Zaycon Fresh Premier Influencer (ZFPI) all of your old links that are somewhere out there on the web are redirected to your new ZFPI status. We link your old referral number to your new ZFPI unique url.

You do not get paid on subsequent orders. In essence you are being paid up to 5 years in advance on customer orders. With the referral dollar system you only got paid $1 in food credit when a customer placed a subsequent order. The average Zaycon Fresh customer might order 3 times in a year. So the Premier Influencer program is like being paid in advance for 5 years of potential future orders.

No this is NOT an MLM. You can build a family with this program. The customers you get personally are like your immediate family, and the customers that Influencers you referred get are like your extended family. That is where it ends.

Just like we explained under the cookie question, as long as you are the person who got them to register on your link, they are attached to you for life. Regardless of when they place their first order.

When you are approved as a ZFPI you gain access to your own personal dashboard. In this dashboard are all the ad copy and banners you will ever need to get new customers, we update and add to this frequently. Also there are the banners you can use to promote and find other Influencers and promote for fundraising projects. There are many things currently and we add to it constantly. Where we are today is nothing compared to where we plan to be tomorrow.

Your personal dashboard provides you with real time analytics and stats on what you have done personally as well as what your team of other referred Influencers are doing. There is also an area that shows you what you have made as well as what you have received. This is also true for the fundraisers.

Simple, just send us an email and we will help you retrieve it. You can also reset your password here:

Many of you have built substantial businesses that gain you a lot of $1 food credits. The customers you already have in place will remain there and continue to make you $1 food credits. The customer registrations that have never bought will migrate over into your new ZFPI position and you will have an opportunity to make $15 when they pay for and pick their first order!

Being approved as a ZFPI is NOT guaranteed. We look at every application and review them carefully. Being an approved ZFPI is an exclusive position and the rewards can be great. Even if you are approved you can be bumped back to the $1 referral program, if you do little to nothing as an ZFPI.

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