Zaycon Fresh

Refund Policy

We always strive to provide Zaycon families with the highest level of quality and service. To complement our services, we provide a 30-day refund policy to cover any issues that may arise with your purchased product(s).

Order Cancellation

  • If you choose to cancel your order within two weeks of your pickup date or if you miss your pickup, a 10% processing/restocking fee will be applied to your order
    (Unless it is Zaycon’s fault or there is inclement weather).
  • The processing/restocking fee is waived for refunds applied to your Zaycon Fresh credit account.
  • If you miss your pickup please call us immediately to discuss your options. Refunds are not automatic.
  • You have up to 6 months after a missed pickup to claim a credit card refund.
  • After 6 months of missing a pickup, you may claim (non-transferable) Zaycon Fresh account credit.

Donation Option 501(C) Charity

  • If you do not wish to keep your product you may be able to donate the remaining product for a refund equal to the amount of food donated.
  • Qualifying cases are edible, unopened and in good physical condition. If your product came individually wrapped, each individually wrapped piece qualifies as an unopened product.
  • You must provide photographs of the product label and contents. Please forward photos to
  • If you choose this option please request a tax credit receipt from the facility you are donating to; the receipt must list:
    • Organization name
    • Contact information
    • Value of the donated food
    • Tax ID#
  • Zaycon Fresh must be listed as the donating party in order to receive a refund.
  • Once we receive all required information we will award Zaycon Fresh account credit.
  • Credit Card refunds may be disbursed at the discretion of Zaycon Fresh Customer Service Supervisor.

Miscellaneous Complaints

  • If you have an issue with your product but do not wish to donate it, we ask that you document the complaint with photos for our records. Please include photos of the product label and contents to
  • We use this information to improve our operations and sincerely appreciate your feedback.
  • We will address the complaint and determine an appropriate credit amount (if applicable).

Short of Weight

  • If your complaint is based on weight shortage, please first verify a weight adjustment was not automatically applied to your Zaycon Fresh credit account.
  • If a weight credit was not automatically provided, please verify the product weight with a scale and photograph the item on a scale, clearly showing the weight and product label.
  • Please note that all cases of chicken have an 8-12% leeway to account for natural juices and trimming weight. If we believe the product was trimmed or altered prior to your weight credit request, a credit will not be approved.
  • If a weight credit is appropriate to your situation, we will provide a refund based on the price per pound and the difference between the purchased weight and the actual weight of your product.