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Angus Ribeye Steaks
Angus Ribeye Steaks
Angus Ribeye Steaks
Angus Ribeye Steaks


  • You’ll serve the taste of fine restaurants right in your home with this extraordinary cut.
  • Aged Angus beef steaks are prized for their superior marbling and known as the classic "steak lover's steak."
  • Tender and juicy, melts and bastes while cooking for a mellow, intense, velvety prime rib flavor. 
  • Fine grain center flanked by looser, super-juicy perimeter meats for a full steak experience in a single cut.
  • This ribeye steak is so melt in your mouth good, all it needs is a dash of sea salt and cracked pepper before cooking.
  • A favorite for pan-searing, but also delicious when broiled or grilled. When grilling, watch out for marbling flare ups that can over-char your steak.
  • Boneless ribeye steaks are hand selected, hand-trimmed and individually quick frozen, and packed singularly in vacuum sealed packages for solo meals and easy thawing.
  • Delivered by the 14lb frozen case with steaks that are over 12oz each and approximately 1-inch thick, making these ideal to cook to your tastes.

NOTE: Sizes are approximate. While we make every attempt to meet the thicknesses, weight and numbers listed, these are averages and slight variances may occur. Some cases will be slightly less than 14lbs. Customers receiving cases less than 14lbs will receive an exact credit representing this difference in their ZF account.