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Zaycon Fresh Referral Rewards


Our Referral Rewards program is our way of saying thank you for sharing Zaycon Fresh with others who might benefit from our products and service. If these families choose to register and participate in our sales events, we would like you to receive a tangible and lasting benefit.

Why Referrals Matter

We created Zaycon Fresh to help families save money on high-quality food products. We do this by combining the purchasing power of many families together. The greater our combined purchasing power, the larger the discounts we are able to negotiate on our wholesale purchases of high-quality fresh meat and other food products. Simply put, the more families we have working together, the more we all benefit with low prices. So for us, referrals really do matter.

Our Best Source for Referrals

The best referrals we receive are from families who have already experienced our products, our sales events and our customer service and who personally understand the value we deliver. Therefore, we gratefully acknowledge that our greatest source of referrals is from customers like you.

Reward Details

You will receive credits to your personal Zaycon account each time a customer who is referred by you participates in one of our sales events. Participation means a customer picks up their prepaid order at a sales event. You will receive $5.00 in Zaycon credit for their initial participation and $1.00 in Zaycon credit for each subsequent participation. The credit applies to new referred customers only. Please note referral credits are non-transferable.

Here are some of the questions you might want to have answered:

  • How do I participate in the Referral Rewards program?
    • First, log in to your account at www.zayconfresh.com. In the “My Account” section, select the “Referrals” link. You will see that you have a Referral name and a URL that includes your Referral Name. An easy way to refer others is to copy the URL to an email and forward it with your own short message to your friends and neighbors who might have some interest in the savings we make possible for families like theirs.
  • What is my Referral Name?
    • Your Referral Name is simply a unique ID (created for you at the time you register with Zaycon Fresh). You can view your Referral Name in the “Referrals” section under “My Account”. You can share your Referral Name with those whom you tell about Zaycon Fresh (and ask them to enter this when they register).
  • Can I change my Referral Name?
    • In the “Referrals” section, you have the option to modify the system-generated Referral Name one time. (You can change the Referral Name to something more personal like “JohnSmith” or memorable like “MaryJonesLovesGreatDeals”)
  • When a referred customer registers and indicates that I referred them, how will I know?
    • We will send you an email notification each time a new customer has listed you as their referrer. (You can turn off this email notification in the “Referrals” section of “My Account”.) In addition, you will have an up-to-date summary count of all Zaycon Fresh customers who have listed you as their referrer on your “My Account” page. When a referred customer registers and lists you as their referrer, this count will increase by one.
  • When will I receive a credit in my account?
    • You will receive a credit in your account each time a referred customer picks up his/her pre-paid order at a sales event. If a referred customer orders more than once in a single event, you will only receive the credit for the first order they place (maximum of 1 credit per referred customer per event).
  • Where can I see the credits from referred customer orders?
    • When you log in and view the “My Account” page, you will see a running account balance which is updated when a new order is picked up. (NOTE: If you do not see an expected credit, please try hitting the refresh button.)
  • Is there a limit to the number of referred customers I can have or the number of credits I can receive?
    • No. There is no limit to the number of referred customers you may have. And there is no limit to the number of credits you may receive from the orders of your referred customers.
  • How can I spend these credits?
    • You can apply any of the funds in your Zaycon Fresh account directly to your own orders.

      For example, if you had $100 in your account and you wanted to purchase a single case of our fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for $60, you could simply apply $60 from your account and have $40 remaining for future use. If you wanted to purchases 2 cases for $120, you could apply the full $100 and use your credit card to pay the additional $20 owed.

  • The Referral Rewards program seems very generous. How can Zaycon Fresh afford to offer it?
    • This Referral Rewards program is an important part of our advertising and marketing program. We believe this is a wise investment because — if sharing is good for you, sharing will also be good for us. Our business is really built on delivering value for the families we serve. Therefore, we think it is only natural for customers who have personally experienced this value to, in turn, want to share Zaycon Fresh with their friends and family. The Referral Rewards program simply provides an encouragement to do so. It is our way of saying thank you for helping others to learn about Zaycon Fresh.
  • If a customer uses referral reward credits to pay for an order, will this new order equally generate a new credit for the referrer?
    • No. Only new orders that are paid for in part or in full with cash funds (credit card or check) qualify to generate the credit to the referrer.
  • Can a referred customer later change their listed referrer?
    • No. Once the referrer is confirmed upon registration, this information is hard-coded and cannot be changed at a later time.
  • Are there limits on who I should invite to learn about Zaycon Fresh?
    • You will likely have good intuition whether Zaycon Fresh will be a good fit with a particular family. Because we sell our products in large quantities—typically by the case—our customers must be willing to devote a certain amount of time and effort to prep and portion our products for consumption and storage.