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Fresh Whole Chickens
Fresh Whole Chickens
Fresh Whole Chickens
Fresh Whole Chickens


  • These all-natural, tender and juicy fresh chickens provide an excellent value with many easy meal options.
  • Perfect for easy oven-roasting whole with seasoned potatoes, and your favorite veggies.
  • Cut it up for a southern fried flavor home run or any season grilling.
  • Ready for whole chicken slow cooker soup for that real homemade bone broth flavor.
  • Zaycon's fresh whole chickens are raised without antibiotics, making these an affordable alternative to expensive organic options. There are no preservatives or injected solutions added.
  • These whole chickens are just slightly smaller but more tender and flavorful than conventional roasters, and require less cooking time.
  • You'll receive ten whole chickens per 35lb case. Delivered fresh and packed without the giblets. Easily slips in a large freezer bag for long term storage.

[NOTE: This product is an approximate weight. Some cases will weigh slightly less than 35lbs. Customers receiving cases less than 35lbs will receive an exact credit representing this difference in their ZF account.]